Tips for securing your motorcycle by tying it up

Are you sure you are doing everything necessary to prevent your motorcycle from being stolen? By adopting good habits to secure your precious motorcycle, you greatly reduce any risk of theft. Here's a quick overview of the best tips for securing a motorcycle.

A secure spot is essential to keeping your bike safe

Get other equally effective tips at . With three or even two people, it's easy to lift a motorcycle into a double-parked van in seconds... From then on, it becomes essential to attach your motorcycle to a secure point. Especially to a solid and resistant fixed point, which will not be easily cut by a hand grinder. The rings intended for two-wheelers or, by default, the devices of street furniture are sufficient. However, beware of parking tickets! For your garage, have the reflex to install a loop sealed or fixed by anti-detachment screws, it is an excellent means of delay.

Security lock, attached to a part of the motorcycle

Attaching the anti-theft device to a piece of wood on the front rim of the motorcycle is by far not enough to protect against theft. It is necessary to take the trouble to examine the morphological characteristics of your motorcycle to determine the most delicate point of fixation for your anti-theft device. The frame, for example, requires the lock to be cut in order to release the bike from its position. At the same time, a fork tube above the fender or its rear swingarm require a more difficult uncoupling than a single wheel. To better repel attacks from removable tools, there has not yet been a more effective model than the U-lock, as it delays the robbers the longest. To make the destruction of the lock more complicated, avoid letting it touch the ground. This will make it more difficult to break the lock by impact.