Continuously blossom with our musical instruments.

A source of motivation, joy and fun, music is above all an art form that is well known and loved by all. It offers to every man, child, old or young a pleasant comfort zone. However, being an art, to make it move in the world, the artist needs musical instruments that will allow him to reach the hearts with these various melodies. So go and meet the musical world and have fun.

The Handpan, the perfect melody instrument

Music has always been a tuning of several musical notes to have an auditory melody. In order to have this melody, it is obvious to master a little bit the musical instrument. But with a handpan instrument as a musical tool, embrace the musical universe and become better.

So, with the handpans made by the artisans of Zena company, it is easier for any man who wants to play a musical instrument without having had any training to achieve these ends.

As good as it sounds, handpans are more manageable than other musical instruments. They are available to any man, because no matter if he is a beginner or not, it will be convenient for him to play a note. Just watch a few tutorials on the net and become an expert at getting consistent notes out of a handpan.

Our different types of Handpan

Zena manufactures a wide range of handpans which, as mentioned before, allow you to hear beautiful melodies. The tongue drum and the steel tongue drum are the varieties of handpan that Zena makes.

Also, it should be known that these drums have a therapeutic property. The brain is soothed by the vibrations emitted by the notes of the drums. With handpans, it is almost impossible to miss the rhythm of the drums.

By purchasing our handpans, you can demand the right color for you. Zena has not only made several ranges of drums, but also made them in different colors according to the customer's taste.