Causes and treatment of mouth odor

Most people have been accused of having bad breath at one time or the other, even without

them knowing. This condition is actually known halitosis and should be treated


What is halitosis?

Halitosis is also known as bad breath is a medical condition that affects a lot of people. Unfortunately for most people, they are usually unaware of this medical condition until they are told. Some causes of mouth odor will be discussed below.

Oral issues

Over 75% of people suffering from have mouth issues. Some of these mouth issues are cavities and mouth illnesses caused by bacteria build-up. This occurs in oral cavities where your toothbrush cannot reach. 

Bad food

Many people suffering from halitosis get these from poor eating habits and diets. Guilty of this are people who eat sweets, candies and chocolates. Also, people who are addicted to Tobacco and weed have a high risk of getting it. 

Health conditions

People suffering from medical conditions like mouth cancer, tonsillitis, and some type of blood infection can get halitosis. Another common medical condition that affects bad breath is diabetes. This is due to the sugar levels which affect the individual. 

How to treat bad breath

Treating bad breath is easy if the affected individual is ready to make some conscious

effort which we will state below. 

Change your eating habits

Lovers of sugar and sweet candies should stop it or at least limit it drastically. Eat more proteins and vitamins which can improve your breath positively. Brush at least twice daily. While, it is advised to brush daily, once you have bad breath, make it at least two. Get a new brush and good toothpaste fast and  do what is necessary.

Treat underlining illnesses

Since some individuals’ bad breath is caused by medical conditions, treat those conditions, and see your mouth smell better. See a dentist regularly. To get useful dental tips and eradicate halitosis, see your dentist regularly and adhere to the instructions given. Always drink water. Most bad breaths are caused by germs in the mouth where you didn't brush. 


Regularly drinking water will reach those depths and clean that dirt. Bad breath can disgrace you publicly and privately, take its treatment seriously.

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