All about the salary of an affiliate marketing manager

An affiliate marketing manager has many responsibilities as well as the obvious task of managing affiliate marketers. This is quickly becoming one of the most sought after roles, especially with the emergence of digital marketing making affiliate marketing much easier and more effective. This position comes with a good salary. Keep reading to learn more.

Who is an affiliate marketer?

An affiliate marketer oversees the activities of all affiliate marketers for a particular campaign or company. The position could include both physical and online marketing channels, where he or she is required to manage individual affiliates and their respective performance. In a nutshell, affiliates are like foot soldiers, who are managed by the affiliate manager on behalf of an agency or company. Visit our for more information.

How much does an affiliate marketer earn?

The salary of an affiliate marketer actually places them in the top half of jobs with the highest incomes in the world. On average, they make $42.84 per hour, which equates to about $89,098 per year. However, these numbers could be more or less depending on your experience, as well as the pockets of the company. For someone who is good at their job, the tendency is higher to be more than to be less.

What are the roles of an affiliate marketer?

The job of an affiliate marketer is exactly that of a middleman. He or she is like a mediator between the affiliate marketers and the company or agency in charge of the campaign. They manage everything from campaign strategies to developing commission structures and analyzing other sales and traffic metrics.